Cheap Huggies Deal at CVS!

Diaper Deal for next week (6/5-6/11) at CVS - you MUST have the card for this & you WILL be checking out 3 different times for this deal!!!

Transaction #1

4 - $9.99 packages of Huggies
Use 4 - $2 off coupons (if you don't already have them you can get them for cheap HERE)

4 - 56+ count huggies wipes (I stick to the ones that are $3.99 or less each)
Use 2 - $1 of any 2 56ct or higher huggies wipes coupons (if you don't already have them you can get them for cheap HERE)
Total before tax & coupons - $41.94
Save $9 with above coupons
Out of pocket cost $32.94
Get back $10 extra care bucks!

Transaction #2

2 CVS brand training pants $7.99 each
Use $10 extra care bucks
Total before tax & extra care bucks $15.98
Save $10 with your extra care bucks
Pay $5.98 out of pocket
Get back 2 - $3 extra care bucks

Transaction #3

Get 2 - 52ct huggies wipes $3.99 each
Use 1 $1 off any 2 huggies wipes 56+ ct coupon (if you don't already have them you can get them for cheap HERE)

Add in any $1 item you wish
Total before tax & extra care bucks $6.98
After coupons and extra care bucks - FREE

Total spent out of pocket - $38.92 + local tax on 6 packs of huggies diapers/CVS trainers, 6 packs of huggies wipes & 1 $1 item of your choosing <3 p="">
This deal is only good for SIX DAYS from the 5th to the 11th so make sure you jump on it if you need it!!!!


FREEBIE Alert!!!!

For those of you with kids under 18 & a Kroger near by!!!

If you go to the produce section in Kroger and talk to one of the employees you can get one of these "Kroger Kids Fresh Friends" cards.

You can get a card for each child under 18 and once a month they can use it to get one free fruit or vegetable for the entire year of 2016.

The fruit or vegetable changes each month and they have a sign that tells you at the top what the free item is.

Just grab your item and present it with the card to the cashier! This month is a free bag of baby carrots!

5 Days of Crafting pt 2

I know I'm late posting this but I wanted to share what I've been working on this week with you guys!

I love to not only cook but to craft too and the majority of my hard work is gifted to preemie babies, family and friends then a handful of items that I sell at craft fairs locally.

I believe we ALL have a creative side and all it takes is exploring different outlets to find what our creativity is capable of!


Melodys Makings, The 5 Days of Crafty Life Challenge & Me!

   Today I was checking my emails and one of my favorite blogs to follow Melodys Makings has issued a #5DaysofCraftyLife challenge to all the crafty Mama's out there!

  While I know I haven't been blogging much at all between health, business, homeschooling and all the rest that life in general has handed to us recently...  I knew I had to at least TRY to do this one because it's right up my alley!

  So today for my #day1 of #5DaysofCraftyLife challenge I am working on a beautiful new corner to corner baby blanket for my cousin with Bernat Baby Sport in Sprite (mint green), Bernat Cottontots in 90005 (white) & Caron Simply Soft in Blue Mint!!!

Have a blessed Sunday everyone!!!

And if you decide to join in on the #5DaysofCraftyLife challenge please leave me a link so I can see what YOU are up to this week too!!!