Roasted Marshmallow Candy Cane Fudge

  I started my recipe based off this one here but along the way made a few changes and mistakes that changed the flavor (for the better IMO!) but I will leave it up to you guys on which you like better!

  Now I was making this not only for my family of 6 but also 8 friends too!  So I did double the recipe AND I used a 15x8 pan vs what the other site suggested lol...

1 (24oz) bag white chocolate chips (I used Nestle brand)
1 (24oz) vanilla almond bark
2 (14oz) cans sweetened condensed milk (careful that you don't accidently get evaporated milk!)
2 tsp peppermint candy flavoring (I used the Wilton's brand just because I had some on hand)
1 pkg candy canes - crushed

Line a 15x8 pan with aluminum foil & spray with non stick spray, crush your candy canes & chop your vanilla almond bark before anything else.

Using an electric skillet warm the sweetened condensed milk, add white chocolate chips & allow it to sit at the 300 degree setting for a few moments until the bottom starts to brown slightly to get the roasted flavor then continue stirring as you add in the crushed candy canes and vanilla almond bark until smooth.

Once it is fully mixed turn off the heat and keep stirring to help it cool quicker, when it looks like it's ready to start setting up pour every last drop into the greased pan and set aside to cool.  Once it's mostly cooled place in the fridge till fully set & then turn out, cut into squares & wrap with parchment paper with twisted ends now eat & enjoy!

Today is New Years Eve so we will be making homemade pizza, taquitos & popcorn and having a movie marathon tonight!

My current crochet work in progress is a beautiful silver crocheted bikini!
This will be available on www.TCCreationz.com soon!

This is my Little Preemie Princess
She is modeling the Celtic Knot Brown small flexi clip for her Auntie Jo
If you love the look of her flexi clip you can get one of your own at www.LillaRose.biz/JoannaUnbehaun

We ordered ours LATE on Friday 12/26 and they were to our door by noon on Monday 12/29!
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Last Monday of 2014

  I know I have severely neglected my blog this year...  Our family has moved from Justice, IL to Kiowa, OK to Henryetta, OK and in the new year we are moving back to somewhere in Illinois but we aren't sure where just yet lol...

  I have brought my business back to life online at TCCreationz.com after not being able to hardly go out to do sales due to my daughters health issues.  Speaking of which our little preemie miracle that graced us with her presence 8 weeks early 3 years ago has been officially diagnosed with FPIES and that has drastically changed how we feed our family now.

  I have begun making bread, biscuits, muffins, cakes & more from scratch where as I use to never be able to bake successfully outside of pies and casseroles so I am VERY happy with that!

  I am working on starting meal planning, freezer cooking and using my crockpot more and more...  and my goal is to start posting at least once to twice a week including not just recipes but sharing what our family has been up to

This is one of my newest pieces -
our 3D Butterflies which can be made into a lovie or unstuffed to be mounted on via safety pin or via bobby pin!