On Today's Menu!

This morning I woke up ready to cook and bake... Which is odd for me considering I have a sinus infection at the moment and normally that means minimal drive to cook anything let alone bake!

But it's a beautiful day and I'm gonna cook up a storm!

Up first this morning was Banana Bread Pancakes from Six Sisters...

Up next is our go to French Bread Recipe from Food.com...

Followed by these beautiful meatballs from Becoming Betty...

Which will be used for these baked meatball sub sandwiches for dinner from Food, Flavor, Fun...


A Change...

  A big change is coming in the next few months...  I am going to be removing a good majority of the older blog posts...  Ones that we have tried and didn't like or ones that don't fit our family any longer...  I will be adding new recipes in the near future as well as creating a better index for them...  I will be sorting my posts into a few categories to make it easier to find what your looking for...

  I will be also expanding more into the tips/tricks and the crafting side of things in addition to sharing other blogs that I find very informative and fun.  I also am hoping to pull a little of our homeschooling journey into this blog and dissolve my old homeschooling blog seeing as I always forgot to update it (4 kids and cooking from scratch for an allergy bug will do that to ya!)

  I also am hoping to help more with allergy substitutions for others facing the challenge of FPIES or other forms of allergies for that matter.  I am hoping you guys will decide to chime in from time to time as it's nice to know who the readers are and what your thoughts are...

  Have a blessed weekend



crochet rockstar: Yarns Organizing Idea

A big thank you to crochet rockstar for her yarn organizing idea!!!   Here is one yarn organizing idea for you. If you crochet or knit this is a great way to keep your yarn in one place while you work!

Yarns Organizing Idea

Here is one yarn organizing idea for you. I have uploaded this yarn roller idea in a fb group before which received  remarkable feedbacks but have never published it in this blog. Now people are asking again for the same ideas so I thought I will post it here for easy reference for all.  

    You need several household items such as:
    1. a plastic basket with holes
    2. yarns in cake shape as above works better
    3. drinking straws
    4. a knitting needle
    Here is how:
    Slide the needle inside the straw, if more straw is needed to cover the needle cut another  straw. 
    Locate the most top hole on one side of the box. Slide the straw covered needle through the hole, string the cakes carefully, pass the needle though the opposite side of the box. 

    Now you have it. Turn your work from time to time to avoid tangling. When stringing the cakes make sure you pull the threads all in the same direction toward you. If you prefer you can insert each of  the threads through the holes in the box to separate them.

    Get the box from Carrefour outlets or from online store such as Organizeit.


    Ten Truths I've Learned Today...

    1.) When your tired your tired.

    2.) Rolled hem feet NEED to come with instructions.

    3.) Sewing when your tired is a BAD idea.

    4.) My husband makes awesome club sandwiches.

    5.) My boys are very much able to talk and giggle like school girls.

    6.) The only way my home stays clean is with the whole family doing 20 minutes of cleaning per hour.

    7.) When I start sewing I forget about eating, cooking, cleaning and even going shopping.

    8.) I love Sex in the City marathons while sewing.

    9.) I love my new cutting board.

    10.) I need a serger.


    Semi Homemade Makeshift Taco Chili!

    This recipe is our adaptation of the Taco Chili Recipe we found HERE

    2 - 15oz cans of light red kidney beans - well rinsed
    2 - 15oz cans of pinto beans - well rinsed
    1 - 10oz can of petite diced tomatoes with green chili & onion
    1 - 28oz can of omato sauce
    1 - 15oz can of Italian diced tomatoes
    1 - 15oz can of petite diced tomatoes
    1 - frozen roma tomato chopped
    1 - cup frozen collard greens
    1 - cup frozen cut leaf spinach
    3 - TBSP taco seasoning (ours is homemade)
    1 - packet Ranch Dip Mix
    3 - cups of water
    1/2 - pound of pre-cooked ground pork (ours was left over from nachos from yesterday)

    shredded cheese
    sour cream
    bell pepper
    olives etc

      First drain and rinse all beans to remove the excess salt from the canned beans.  Add ALL ingredients into your stock pot (or crock pot) at the same time (if doing in the crock pot cook on low 4-6 hours or on high 2-3 hours) on the stove top it takes about 20-30 minutes in total.

      This portion size will make approximately 10 - 2 cup servings


    A Short Observation...

      I was just looking back at my blog and where it started to where it is now... and I started on this journey WAY back on 7/14/2009 when I was a Tupperware lady still (hence the webaddy http://twlady09.blogspot.com lol).

      Little did I know then that I would accumulate 314 posts in 6 years (many times forgetting I even HAD a blog because life got SO busy) and then pinterest came along and brightened my doorstep and made me fall back in love with cooking and crafting again...

      So I returned and started to post with every intention of doing once a week or more shares and new recipes of my own which I have failed pretty badly at lol...  But I have learned along the way...  That though life gets crazy... and some nights I don't get any sleep and still others I sleep for 12 hours...

      My blog is here and it's mine...  And even if no one EVER visited it again...  It would still be here... Ready and waiting for my next crazy cooking idea...  When I remember lol...

      But anyway...  I just wanted to say thank you to all the 14k+ visitors I have had over the years the 5k+ in the last 3 years...  and I just wanted to say... even if you guys never comment...  Just knowing you were here and sharing my space with me for a bit...  It means more than you could ever imagine...  So thank you for indulging a fledgling blogger with your time...

    And please forgive me for the dust while I renovate in anticipation of the new blog launch in January!

    God Bless and have a beautiful week!