Navajo Tacos!

This one is unique... I wanna test it out for a new thing... See how the boys respond to it... To me it looks delish but they don't always like everything Momma does lol... Thanks again to Oh SO Delicioso!!!!

For Nates birthday my friend made him quite the birthday dinner. Navajo Tacos and cucumber lime aid. (my kitchen was packed away in boxes...) I wanted to make it for my family, and got the recipes from her. Its REALLY yummy. And although the dough looks like it would take a lot of work to make- its really easy.
It also makes a TON.
I halved the bread dough and would say it would still easily make 20-30 servings.
The dough below is NOT the halved version.

I have also have navajo tacos with philsbury biscuit dough- fried.
oo! comment #1 said to use rhodes roll dough. LOVE that idea.

Top the Fry bread with all your favorite taco mixings.
Refried Beans
Ground Turkey or Beef (cooked in taco seasonings)
pico or salsa
avacado / guac
sour cream
lettuce etc

Navajo Fry Bread Recipe:

Let stand 5 minutes in a separate bowl:
2T yeast
1 Cup warm water
2tsp sugar

Cream together
1 cup shortening
1 cup sugar
3 tsp salt

then add and continue creaming
2 eggs
4 cups warm water
yeast,water and sugar mixture

5 cups flour, cover, let rise for 1/2 hour

Stir in 6 or 7 cups of flour and let rise in fridge for a few hours.
Roll into small balls and flatten thin and fry in heated oil.
depending on size of pan you can fry 2-3 at a time and it only takes a few minutes on each side. watch carefully.