Semi-Home Made Chicken Pot Pie (In Under 30 Minutes!)

This recipe I came up with on the fly and it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!


3 Grilled Chicken Breasts cut into 1/2" chunks
or 1 can of chicken breast broken into small pieces
2 cups frozen mixed veggies
1 package frozen spinach - thawed & drained
4 small cans cream of chicken soup or 2 family size cans
1 cup milk
1 package Grands Biscuits with Layers
2 tbsp fresh ground black pepper
1 tbsp perfect pinch - roasted garlic & red pepper flake


Bake biscuits by directions - pulling them out 3 minutes before they are done baking & spread a bit of butter on the top of the biscuits & then bake the last few minutes till golden brown.

Combine all the other ingredients in a soup pot & stir until thoroughly combined & flavors meld together. Spoon into bowl & split biscuits in half on top!